Place of worship

On Rodrigues Island, cultural diversity is beautifully expressed through its places of worship dedicated to various religions. Explore these iconic sites to discover the island’s spiritual and historical richness:

Temple Tamby: This Hindu temple, located in Mont Lubin, is an important symbol of Rodrigues’ Hindu community. With its colorful ornaments and detailed sculptures, Temple Tamby is a sacred place of worship and a gathering center for the faithful.

Saint-Gabriel Church: Nestled in the heart of Port Mathurin, Saint-Gabriel Church is a beautiful representation of the Catholic influence on the island. With its elegant architecture and magnificent stained glass windows, the church is not only a place of worship but also a place of peace and contemplation.

Masjid al-Hayat Mosque: Situated in Plaine Corail, this mosque is the spiritual center of Rodrigues’ Muslim community. With its beautiful architecture and towering minaret, Masjid al-Hayat Mosque is a place of prayer and reflection for the faithful.

Chen Wui Pagoda: Perched on a hill in Camp du Roi, Chen Wui Pagoda is a Buddhist sanctuary offering panoramic views of the island. Visitors can admire the magnificent sculptures and participate in the religious ceremonies held there.

These places of worship bear witness to the religious diversity of Rodrigues Island and offer visitors the opportunity to discover and understand the various spiritual traditions that coexist harmoniously on the island.

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